Sunday, 1 April 2012

Black Library's 15th Anniversary

Ah time for my semi regular update to this review blog! Well its not that I don't read anything, just that when I do, I can't think of something to say in review, or just move straight onto the next book and get absorbed with that instead. That's even worse now I own a kindle and a new book is just a few clicks away!!

So anyway, instead of just reviewing one thing, I thought I'd do a little thing for the whole event going on over the the Black Library at the moment. 15 years in the business. Not bad for what many might call a niche market. Or at least it would have been if they hadn't managed to make the Dawn of War series a success and then get a game that was actually good onto the Xbox! Well two in fact if you count the xbox arcade game....

So anyway, as you might have guessed from what I've said here in previous reviews, I'm somewhat of a fan of the fiction produced to go along with the games of the warhammer universes. It makes the whole thing far more enjoyable and gives life to otherwise dull 2d characters. Well they're not exactly 2d but you should get what I'm on about..... maybe.

Well for the last fourteen days they've been producing a bunch of short stories to be downloaded directly from their website, each one written by a different author in their collection, each one dealing with a different aspect of one of the two universes. Sometimes we see established characters out for another jaunt, the first appearances of a brand new one soon to get their own novel/audio drama (their latest thing and I must say they are enjoyable to listen to, just not to wake up to at 3am to the sound of plague beasts howling!!). We even get brand new ones out for a visit as well.

Now, I'm not going to go through each one, partly because I have yet to download them all and partly because that would take forever to do, but so far, I have enjoyed everyone I have read. From the Crimson Fists returning to a grave of an old comrade in arms, to seeing a crazy Dwarf free a beast from the bloody pits of an arena, they each hold something a bit special that adds greater depths to the universes created by the company.

My only complaint is they end sooner than you think they would, but hey, thats a great marketing trick to get you to buy more books from them!!

So with one day left to go in the promotion, I highly suggest you head over there and pick them up! Great way to fill those ten minutes in the day when you're not sure what to do!

Five Stars

The Black Library

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